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Dynamic Taekwondo

The School for the Serious Martial Artist

About Dynamic Taekwondo

We are the only school in the area registered with the Kukkiwon overseas membership system. Here you will be trained by an Internationally certified Kukkiwon Master Instructor in the true art of Taekwondo. It is our goal to pass on to our students the disciplines, philosophy and values true martial arts offers.

Although Taekwondo is physically and mentally demanding, it is an art that may be learned by students of all ages as long as they have patience during the learning process. Dynamic Taekwondo focuses on all aspects of the art which can only be achieved with dedicated time and diligent training.

As a student at Dynamic Taekwondo you will find lasting friendships, Trust & loyalty among students and staff. All students will be instructed in the art of Taekwondo by certified instructors that will help you through your journey to achieve your goals.

Why Experience Dynamic Taekwondo

Taekwondo will improve your health, enhance your memory, strengthen your body, and teach you self-defense. That is why we at Dynamic love Taekwondo. It is a way of life! Come experience the Dynamic Taekwondo difference.  

Dynamic Taekwondo Belt System


Lack of color, signifying purity and innocence. Worn by those who have no knowledge of Taekwondo.


The color of a rising sun, which causes newly sown seeds to germinate and begin to grow. Basic techniques begin to be learned.


The sun, deepening in color, rises in the sky, giving its energy to the new growth. Techniques begin to take form.


The color of growing things driving upward. Power begins to be developed.


The color of the sky toward which growing things are reaching. Mental and Physical power begins to stabilize.


The color of the earth in which growing things are rooted. Mental and physical power stabilizes.


The color of the blood the essential force of life. Perfection of character begins to be exhibited by maturity, honor and respect.


All colors are combined. The final stage (of colors), where mastery of technique is reflected by calm dignity and sincerity.

Registered with Kukkiwon Overseas Membership System


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