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Dynamic Taekwondo

The School for the Serious Martial Artist

A Message from Grand Master Darrell F. Hall Jr

I began my training at the age of 11 in 1973. At that the time the art was called Korean Karate. The style was actually Moo Duk Kwan Tang So Do and is still taught today. My instructor, Danny Lane, was under the guidance of Master Sok Ho Kang who is accredited for brining martial arts to the tristate. On May 28, 1973 Korea unified the many different styled of martial arts in their county and renamed the art Taekwondo. In 1983 I joined with Master Chong Woon Kim who taught traditional Taekwondo. The art was the same I had studied before, only the name had changed.

Upon attaining the rank of master instructor after completing 38 years combined training and teaching I opened the Ashland school and began teaching Taekwondo as it is recognized by Kukkiwon and the World Taekwondo Federation in Korea today.

Unlike what is being taught in many schools and called Taekwondo; the art has changed. Training methods have changed and now students are able to achieve in less time what was only possible with years of training before.

I have competed for many years and still do so today. I have held the title 2 year in a row at the AAU Kentucky State championships both in Olympic sparring and forms. I am also a national champion with the AAU.

I believe that an instructor should be a role model for students by setting the example of staying in shape with continued training and competition.

I was born and raised in Ashland, Kentucky, am a graduate of Paul G. Blazer High School Class of 1979. I am an employee of CSX corporation. It is my hope to teach and pass on what I have learned over the years to many students.

Taekwondo has many benefits with self defense being only an integral part of it. Those who dedicate themselves to the training become leaders and role models for others to look up to. You will learn to be the best at whatever you attempt in life in and outside of our school. Taekwondo is a way of life that continually changes you into a better person if you are properly taught and diligent in your training. You cannot learn everything about it in a few short years.

After more than 48 years of training and teaching I am still challenged by the many new changes and methods I am presented with. I invite those of all ages to come and see the benefits our school has to offer and to train with me.

Grand Master Darrell F. Hall Jr. 


Darrell F. Hall, Jr.

Grand Master Instructor

Mr. Russell Johnson

Master Instructor

Mrs. Hannah Hall

Master Instructor


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